If only we could give ourselves this rare opportunity


If only we could learn how to go outside of our minds and from what occupies us in the daily life. if we could shake our body's and stretch our legs, let the lungs breath fresh air, let the nerves calm down from endless stimulations, and maybe finally give ourselves the one thing that is so missing because it’s there all the TIME. 

I'm talking about real time, one we don't even notice its existence, one we love instead of fear. Because after all, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, that's all .. 

If we dare walk above the little ups and downs of life and go way up to the mountains, a place where time returns to its original form, where so much seems minor and simple comparing to the awesome forces of nature, Maybe then, we could think about what we truly care about and what do we really want.




I can wholeheartedly

say that it was one of the most unique and empowering experiences of my life.
I climbed high
I laughed loudly
I hugged my heart
I met people who were an inspiration
The wind whistled strongly in my sails
Take this experience of once in a lifetime

— Shiran M.


The first time I met "Essence Journeys" was

about 5-6 years ago when I went down with them to the Judean Desert.
The second time was almost a year ago when I went with them to the mountains of Verdosia in Greece.
There, near the summit, we stayed for a week away from "everyday life" but very close to the daily life of the beautiful mountain nature ... and we lived well.
In the next 4.9 - the essence and the journey are starting again - I strongly recommend that young people (up to age 40) join. And those who are older than that - to join the other trips of the essence of the journey - a guaranteed experience and pleasure.
It would be false (and cliche) to say that this trip had changed my life.
But it would be real (and also cliché) to say that I had lived on that trip for a change. And I lived well.
So on my next birthday they're off to the mountains again - and you should join them.

— Ofer E.



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